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The Muslim Covenant with Allah

The Greatest Covenant for the Muslim and How to Fulfill It

For a Muslim, the most honorable and the holiest covenant is the one which he has made with his Lord ...

Prophet Yusuf Inviting to Allah: Perfect Manners & Excellent Disposition

Despite the unusual environment in which the Prophet Yusuf lived in, he had to carry out his mission ...

Pillars of islam

The Four Pillars and the Social Message of Islam

What do the pillars of Islam have to do with the social relations? What message do they have for the ...

The True Muslim How Apply it to Your Life

The True Muslim: How to Apply it to Your Life?

The true Muslim is the one who doesn’t rely only upon their declaration of Islam, acts of worship, a ...

Life’s Trials

The Muslim in the Face of Life’s Trials

What do you do when you come to the end of a period of great effort and find only an insurmountable ...

New Muslims' Experiences